Snapped up my first EV today!

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15 thoughts on “Snapped up my first EV today!”
  1. I made the mistake of test driving this car…I wanted it so bad after.

  2. Is this etron derived from the q5 or q7 ? Which platform? Or is it its own ? Whats the expexted range please ?

  3. This car is dope. There’s one I regularly run into while walking our dogs, the owner must think I’m a crazy person because I can’t stop staring how beautiful it is especially in the front and back.

  4. No offense but the picture makes the car look really small. I struggled to decipher what it was until I saw the badge.

    Looks good though!

  5. I’m seriously considering the e-tron. Could I ask about the backseat leg room. I’m 6’7″ so the driver seat has to go all the back, but I’m curious what the legroom is like in back. Online it says the mustang Mach e and model y both have more legroom but the e-tron is bigger than both of those right?

  6. JTFC, an MME is less expensive, and it seems pricey.

    Do these sell because of the badge, or the charge rate? Because I see little benefit as transportation in comparison otherwise.

    Guess I’m not the intended owner

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