So happy to be back in an EV

So happy to be back in an EV

Once upon a time we had a Model 3, then moved from California suburbs to NYC where urban EV ownership wasn’t really convenient.

Now that we’ve moved to the suburbs, we got a lovely used Jaguar I Pace. Like it a lot more than the old Model 3, if I’m being honest. Brilliant car, shame they never really sold well.

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48 thoughts on “So happy to be back in an EV

  1. I was really in love with the iPace when they first came, but then 3 of my neighbours got one so it would be awkward to be the 4th 😅 I hear great things about it though!

  2. These hatchbacks never sold well most likely because they didn’t really advertise them. And the hardware wasn’t reliable with the Jaguar dealers not knowing how to fix the issues. I work at a dealership and had a customer who really wanted one. We transferred 2 different ones in and after months of trying to fix all the issues he gave up and bought a Model Y.

  3. I am a model 3 owner since 2018 and love the car and experiences.

    I also have always loved the look of the I-pace.

    Do you mind sharing what you like about the car?

  4. Can’t believe these things used to go for $50-60K used just a couple years ago… Nowadays people out there are paying over that for a Kia and a Hyundai.

    Weird world we’re living in!

  5. We own an MX and the i-Pace. Tesla wins on the interface and sheer convenience of literally every aspect of the car.

    However the interior of the Jag…jaw dropping everytime I get in it. But that said, the i-Pace is a dumb car, an EV with an ICE interface. It’s clunky, unresponsive at times and hasn’t gotten an update in the two years of ownership. But it is a joy to drive!

  6. Rumors have it that it spends more time at the shop than at home.
    Those that had the car for company fleet were the most affected.
    It’s probably gonna be my EV of choice in a couple of months nevertheless

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