South Korean battery makers agree last-minute deal in boost to Biden’s EV policy

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6 thoughts on “South Korean battery makers agree last-minute deal in boost to Biden’s EV policy”
  1. Fantastic news for the US and SK Innovation. Heard about this dispute earlier in the week.

  2. Good. This is great news for Ford, Volkswagen, Kia, and Hyundai.

    Hopefully, the royalties paid don’t translate to MSRP increases for the vehicles.

  3. They met in the middle (2 trillion won vs LGs demand of up to 3 trillion and SKs of no more than 1 trillion).

  4. Looks like Jon Ossoff was instrumental in getting this deal done. Kemp will try to take the credit but he didn’t do shit. I hope all Georgians and Americans see what can get done when competent leadership works hard to solve a problem.

    “When the future of the plant was in jeopardy, Senator Ossoff provided leadership and helped us achieve a path forward,” said Jun Kim, the company’s chief executive.”


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