speed limit on e scooter classywalk N3

speed limit on e scooter classywalk N3


Hello people, i have an e scooter with a speed limit, i cant take it off through P settings so i opened it up and took a look of whats inside.
I see one looping cable with a connector, and another one without. I tried unplugging the connector one but nothing changed, so im thinking if i should connect this white wire together and maybe the speed limit will go away? Im not sure, i dont want to short out my controller, so thats why im asking u guys

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4 thoughts on “speed limit on e scooter classywalk N3

  1. Have you found a good place to ride at the new higher speed, or are you doing this just so you can say “mine goes up to eleven!”

    The reason I ask is, that e-scooters are such utterly shit pieces of bad-chassis-geometry, you’re making a sketchy and goofy-looking vehicle, more likely to smash your front teeth into the road.

  2. On a typical inexpensive small electric vehicle, the max speed is determined by the motor and battery selected by the designer. There’s no speed limiter which could be disabled.

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