Spotted on the way to work

Spotted on the way to work

Spotted on the way to work

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31 thoughts on “Spotted on the way to work

  1. To me the Ioniq 6 just looks unfinished from every angle. They did the top half and they just said “ehhh…” for the bottom half.

    The Ioniq 5 is way better imo. That just looks awesome.

  2. I know style is subjective and all, but this car is ugly as shit. I’ve not seen a single angle that looks good.

    Still appreciate Hyundai actually trying to bring different styles to market. The Ioniq 5 is incredible.

  3. the car looks great from a lot of angles, but unfortunately not this one. that rear bumper/clip is quite odd looking. I see what they are going for, but it just fails from this angle.

    asian_petrolhead just got the first drive review up, and it looks *really* good on twisty mountain roads. there is some footage of a parking lot with about twenty Ioniq 6’s in it, and it looks way better in darker colors, and also in red.

    still a compelling vehicle. this is just an unfortunate angle on a white car that makes it look pretty bad.

    The great thing about e-GMP is that its a huge shared architecture, so we are going to see a lot of iterations on it, from 3 companies, all with very good performance. and we won’t have to wait long for each iteration either.

  4. Wow, that is even uglier than I initially thought. The rounded rear does not blend with those pixel taillights. The lower bumper looks terrible too, it doesn’t match the rest of the car. Its not a cohesive design at all.

  5. I actually really like the looks of the Ioniq 6. Not sure why so many folks are hating on it. Of course, looks and style are all subjective so there will always be differing opinions.

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