Supercharger Voting coming soon

Supercharger Voting coming soon

Supercharger Voting coming soon

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2 thoughts on “Supercharger Voting coming soon

  1. My vote will be for Franklin TN, Murphy TN or Blairsville, GA with Franklin being my vote. There is a [HUGE dark spot]( on Tesla’s map centered 130 miles north of the 9th largest metro in the US. Anyone in Atlanta going to Asheville or skiing on the weekend is going to be [routed right through]( the middle of that big empty spot on the map. While not a problem for my EV, it is a problem for the SR+ models or if I’m going to a ski slope not very close to Asheville. Remember, this is going up into the mountains so it’s not driving on flat ground. It would make single day ski trips possible as the extra hour to run 30 minutes to Asheville and back to get back to Atlanta is a killer when there is already 6 hours of drive time.

  2. I vote to have some super chargers in national parks, especially these big ones, like Yellowstone. It is quite annoying to have to drive out the park to charge and drive back in.

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