The [press release](https://svolt-eu.com/svolt-beginnt-mit-kathodenmaterialproduktion-fuer-kobaltfreie-nmx-batteriezellen/) is just available in German for now. But here’s a (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-IKU5bf_SQ) translated from Chinese to English.

>Frankfurt am Main/Jintan, 13 April 2021 – SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (SVOLT), a global high-tech company headquartered in China, today announced that it has started mass production of the cobalt-free cathode material for its NMX battery cells in Jintan, eastern China.

>In January 2021, pilot production of 10 tonnes of cobalt-free cathode material was successfully completed at the battery cell factory. Annually, 5,000 tonnes of the key material for cobalt-free battery production are now produced at the Jintan cell factory in its current expansion stage.
Cobalt-free nickel-manganese battery cells

>SVOLT’s nickel-manganese battery cells (NMX) completely dispense with the heavy metal cobalt, which is otherwise used to stabilise high-nickel battery cells. This makes SVOLT the only company on the market to date that has succeeded in bringing a highnickel cell chemistry without cobalt to industrial series maturity that is suitable for mass production.

>For the cobalt-free NMX battery cells, SVOLT has developed a new cathode material that consists of 75 percent nickel and 25 percent manganese and manages completely without cobalt. The cathode is stabilised by specially developed doping and coating processes. Thus, NMX cells – even without cobalt – achieve a higher thermal stability as well as overall safety than NCM811 cells.

>The first cobalt-free battery cells, which are more sustainable and less expensive than the comparable NCM811 battery cells, will roll off the production line from June 2021. Worldwide orders for SVOLT’s first two NMX cell variants have been available since mid-December 2020.
Celebration event in Jintan

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>SVOLT President and General Manager Hongxin Yang welcomed the next step towards sustainable battery production for e-vehicles in a celebratory event at the Jintan plant.

>An English-language recording of the event is available on the svolt-eu.com website or YouTube channel.


>Hongxin Yang, SVOLT President and General Manager: “Back in 2018, we realised that limited cobalt resources can hinder the sustainable development of the battery industry. That’s why SVOLT aims to continuously lead the battery industry through research and development work to unlock new technologies to become the technology leader of a new era.”

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  1. Missing bit of information.. expected cycle life? Also one has to wonder what the “doping” and “coating” materials are. Clearly a trade secret for now, but these materials might end up more expensive than cobalt…

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