By now, you’ve surely heard about the post-game ceremony where Chevrolet regional zone manager Rikk Wilde presented World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner the keys to a new Chevy Colorado. To say he struggled through the speech would be an understatement, and I definitely feel for the guy. During his presentation, he referred to the Colorado as having the latest technology and stuff. Not missing a beat, Chevrolet embraced the incident and have started a #TechnologyAndStuff campaign to highlight the latest technology in the Colorado.

Even today Chevy’s presence at Texas Motor Speedway for the NASCAR race weekend has Colorado trucks sporting #TechnologyAndStuff on their boxes.

#TechnologyAndStuff in Texas. Photo: GM via Facebook.

I’m not here to make fun of Rikk. In fact, I’m here to say that General Motors should adopt “Technology and Stuff” as an officially named option package for the Chevrolet Colorado. I recently had an opportunity to drive the new truck in Texas, and was pleasantly surprised with what it offered for the price. One of the biggest features in terms of infotainment is 4G LTE via OnStar. A high-speed data connection in the vehicle can open the door to a lot of great new technology, along with the ability to keep kids better entertained on their tablets.

Technology and Stuff could be a fully-loaded option package. It’d come with the latest MyLink with navigation, support for 4G LTE, and access to all of the apps. It’d be the equivalent of checking all the option packages.

It wouldn’t be the first time an automaker has adopted a unique approach to naming option packages. Range Rover uses Autobiography to describe their most luxurious models, and I’m not sure if I even know what that means. Kia, on their K900, has a package called VIP. I don’t believe it makes you that important if you select it, but it does give you all the fancy options.

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However, Kia also has the option package that truly takes the cake. On the Kia Soul, you can order it with a package called The Whole Shebang. There is no guessing or ambiguity about what that package entails. Technology and Stuff would be just like that. “Hey Chad,” a friend could ask, “did you get your truck with all the latest technology and stuff?”

“Yes. Yes I did.”

C’mon GM, think about it!

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