Tesla Hacker Calls FSD Blatant Cash Grab Scam, Advises People to Avoid It

Tesla Hacker Calls FSD Blatant Cash Grab Scam, Advises People to Avoid It


Tesla Hacker Calls FSD Blatant Cash Grab Scam, Advises People to Avoid It

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14 thoughts on “Tesla Hacker Calls FSD Blatant Cash Grab Scam, Advises People to Avoid It

  1. Nah it’s an investment. You buy it now and wait for the class action lawsuit to hit in a few years and get a full refund then due to inflation you’ve actually made a profit!*

    This is not financial advice. Please speak to a financial adviser Before in investing all your life savings in Tesla FSD.

  2. I was dumb enough to fall for it almost 5 years ago when it wasn’t nearly as certain that Elon is a scammer, though credit where due to those who saw through it at the time.

    Once I got the beta it was instantly clear I’m never getting what I paid for. Anyone buying it now is insane.

  3. It’s pretty easy to avoid a $15,000 software option. No one is buying it without realizing it. At least no one without stupid amounts of money and no sense.

    People buy it because they want it.

  4. You’re being disingenuous.

    “If you could buy it and immediately have access to the current version, I’d have few issues with it.”

    The message is that he doesn’t like the way its being sold as a “maybe you can get into it beta”. This post is clickbait.

    Edit: LOL blocked by the OP. He really doesn’t like criticism.

    Edit 2: I can’t reply because OP is REALLY sensitive and blocked me for being critical. But u/OompaOrangeFace, I’d agree that they don’t want a rich moron abusing it. But they’re abusing the rest of us with the way they’re doing it.

  5. This is truth and it hurts. Tesla needs to stop playing games with the costs and release of fsd. If I must pay you for a possible maybe if I am lucky golden ticket to the thing I bought it is a scam. If I pay yoh and you shift half cooked software with a huge warning up front we are gold. I knew I was getting into a not perfect thing and I was paying for this experience. The current release model is a total crap fest and it causes nothing but issues with the community. Look at these elite who have it ain’t it great. The curated content makes
    It seem so good. I have had it a very long time and it has gotten leaps and bounds better, however it is still a steaming pile of hot garbage many many times. I want nothing more than to tell you yep 15k it’s the shit get it now. I can’t and I also can’t tell you if you do drop 15k when they will anoint your as a chosen one.

    The tesla army will say beta is not release and spin some take in defense of a system they know is broke. The reality is if I just pay to play then it is a feature and thus should be to all who pay. There was a grey time when sure public beta and a limited release to work out some kinks made logical sense, this however is like a bad joke that won’t stop. Ship it. Or scrap it. This between two worlds is tearing the community apart.

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