Tesla Model 3 Three-Year Depreciation Is 10%: EV Industry Average Is 52%

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30 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3 Three-Year Depreciation Is 10%: EV Industry Average Is 52%”
  1. Just purchased a 3 year old model 3 with 25% depreciation, and that’s directly from Tesla. Private party is even more.

  2. Oh boy, an “article” from ~~InsideTesla~~ InsideEVs sourced from Teslarati with information strategically pulled from an article on iSeeCars about buying cars off-lease.

  3. Are they comparing the price of current new to current used or are they looking how much those 3 year old cars were actually sold for 3 years ago. Because the first Model 3 were sold for a lot more money back than.

    Many 2017/18 model 3 sold for around 70k
    Now it is worth a lot less, not just 10% less that the headline suggests.

    A friend of mine lost more than 10% in the first year of his Model 3 ownership.

  4. This won’t continue with the upcoming cars by Hyundai, Kia and VW that offer serious competition and with flexible pricing, we’re already seeing this effect in UK/Europe where the market is more open.

  5. My 2016 Model S has taken 5 years to drop down to 50% of its value. While Teslas lose their value slower, it’s definitely not 10% in 3. The price increases have also screwed with things a lot.

  6. Could this have to do with the fact that demand still outstrips supply for Teslas?

  7. Am I the only one who read it as “degradation” instead of “depreciation” and thought they were talking about the battery? Seriously almost choked on my coffee when I saw the 50%!

  8. I thought they were bs’ing but I checked my local market. I checked autotrader for 3 yr old Teslas and compared to the new price on the Tesla site. It was 10% depreciation compared to new. That’s actually pretty impressive even if Im NOT a Tesla fan.

    58000 used vs 65000 new in Alberta. Interestingly, in BC, one province over, the average was 20% depreciation. That province has far more EVs so the competition is steeper.

  9. For one, this article is July 2020 and nearly a year old, and is not factoring in what people paid for them when they bought new. In July 2020 they would only have Model 3’s sold in 2017 to go off of, so that right there is a red flag, since very few were produced in 2017.

    I paid 75k for a new 2018 M3P, less $7,500 tax rebate that makes $67,500. This same car with FSD which I didn’t purchase are now $40k-45k and far from any 60k that would be 90% of what I paid.

    Keep in mind, after the rebates ended, Tesla dropped the prices in 3-4 different stages lowering all of them a minimum of $7,500 effectively making all of them worth about 20% less than they paid for them before anyone even owned them a year. And that is just from Tesla’s price reductions.

  10. That would be amazing. I will find out if this holds true once my Plaid Model X gets delivered.

  11. I wonder how long it will hold up now that Tesla is starting to get real competition? That should dilute demand a lot.

  12. Hahah bullshit. Gladly cell my M3 for a 10% depreciation.! Fuck I’ll take 20! Do a search on M3 mid range. Shit lost 50%.

  13. This doesn’t really surprise me overmuch; they’re still very much a “rich man’s toy”, unfortunately.

    As prices come down and the novelty gets a bit less….well, novel…used prices will get more in line with normal expectations.

  14. Is that before or after the 90% write off after taking it for a first spin? Model 3’s literally fall apart lol.

  15. I think a lot of this is that Tesla has been around for a while and they’ve been shown to age well. Batteries from 10 year old Teslas are still holding up to at least 90% capacity! And batteries made 3 years ago should hold up even better than that. Meanwhile, a 3 year old leaf might have only 80% capacity left already. I’m sure the gap will close once other makers prove themselves.

  16. It’s a trap! They are slapping FSD onto all used ones, making MSRP and used sales price comparisons an apples and oranges situation. Aaaaand, all the folks writing these stats are ignoring this.

  17. Note this does not mean this is still true in 3 year. It may or may not be. If that’s even true today of course.

  18. Wait until they come up with a 500 mi range battery! Let’s see who would want to buy a 250 mi car for 10%less than a new one

  19. Why is it depreciating so slowly? Is it a quality product that doesn’t have the issues that the S and X have? If so, I’m impressed, still would rather get a bolt tho, similar range for half the price? I don’t even use fast charging in fear of effingup my battery. Supercharging is not for me.

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