According to the folks at Consumer Reports, who surveyed 350,000 new car owners, an astonishing 98% of Tesla Model S owners said they’d buy their car again. Other cars, like the Nissan Versa, didn’t receive nearly as much love as the Tesla. But the idea that because owners say on a survey that they’d purchase the car again hardly makes it the most loved car. There is one … [Read more…]

Like many different groups of people, automotive journalists have their own stereotypes. The perfect car to an automotive journalist would be a rear-wheel drive station wagon with a manual transmission and a diesel engine, painted in brown. It’s just the way cars are intended to be made. So imagine the shock and the horror when Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, announced that they were … [Read more…]

Recently, Tesla Motors was denied the ability to sell their electric cars in Michigan by the state legislature. This is the latest in a series of states that have blocked the company from selling their cars, citing archaic dealership franchise laws. Elon Musk has long stated that franchising wouldn’t work for Tesla. But could they franchise and still control the sales? Musk … [Read more…]

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