According to the folks at Consumer Reports, who surveyed 350,000 new car owners, an astonishing 98% of Tesla Model S owners said they’d buy their car again. Other cars, like the Nissan Versa, didn’t receive nearly as much love as the Tesla. But the idea that because owners say on a survey that they’d purchase the car again hardly makes it the most loved car.

There is one simple reason; who wants to admit that they aren’t in love with their $100,000 automobile? Whether or not they really like the car, they aren’t likely to admit that they bought the wrong car. Also, early Tesla buyers understand the car is a new, perhaps beta, product and are willing to give it a pass where they wouldn’t do that for other makes.

Most new car surveys should be taken with a grain of salt. Initial quality surveys don’t expose long-term issues that could affect any car, and other people won’t admit to not liking the car that they now have to live with for the next five to six years.

We like the Tesla Model S, but we’d hardly call it most loved. We’d call the Ford F-150 most loved. Why? Because it’s the top selling car in the country and has been for a long time.

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