Tesla Owners Not Happy Over $100 Penalty To Cancel Service Appointments

Tesla Owners Not Happy Over $100 Penalty To Cancel Service Appointments


Tesla Owners Not Happy Over $100 Penalty To Cancel Service Appointments

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14 thoughts on “Tesla Owners Not Happy Over $100 Penalty To Cancel Service Appointments

  1. Tesla owners in the house – are you required to put saved payment info into the Tesla app or into the car’s UI just in general? Do people do it for convenience?

    Typical dealers / garages will be upset with you if you flake on them, sure, but my local garage where I take my ICE for work doesn’t save my payment information ever. So they couldn’t charge me the $100 if they tried.

    And like the other commenter said, if they’re going to start penalizing customers for rescheduling inside the 24 hour window, then the service centers should also be penalized if they reschedule on a customer in the same timeframe. Or taking in a car for service even though they don’t have the parts to fix it yet.

  2. Oh so Tesla service can endlessly inconvenience their customers but if it’s the reverse then customers are punished. They rescheduled my latest visit 4 times. Guess they owe me $400.

  3. Tesla is pushing their luck so much and squeezing out money to a near-detrimental extent. Maybe a sign of pessimism for the future. If other automakers catch up in terms of range and charging speed for their cars, and if US infrastructure gets better, Tesla doesn’t have that much to stand out with.

  4. I bought a 2011 nissan leaf new, a 2013 nissan leaf 2 years ago for my teenager, and i finally upgraded to a tesla model y a month ago. I love electric cars. And tesla with supercharger network and range is the only game in town right now. But, service was my biggest gripe when i did my research, and my fears have been realized. 3rd party service centers are needed. Tesla’s terrible service means as soon as Honda or similar gets real EVs on the road, i will not be buying another tesla. Car is pretty great, though.

  5. I don’t see how y’all Tesla owner put up with this kind of Bullshit from them, its mind blowing. I guess this is what separate Tesla from true “premium” car brands, these kind of shenanigans would have me trading that MF in pronto!

  6. I hate the hypocrisy of Tesla. One one hand they say they are the best, but then they charge $15000 (???) for full self driving which is not really available. The service is apparently unpredictable and they charge a cancellation fee like that. Honestly the main reason I personally decided against a Tesla.

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