Tesla unhappy with German permit approval process

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6 thoughts on “Tesla unhappy with German permit approval process”
  1. It’s always funny to see how USA’s companies think that everthing is due to them..

  2. This reminds me of the saying, “The only thing worse than a giant corrupt bureaucracy is an uncorrupt giant bureaucracy.” At least with a corrupt one, you have options…

    Found it:
    “[I]n terms of economic growth, the only thing worse than a society with a rigid, overcentralized, dishonest bureaucracy is one with a rigid, overcentralized, and honest bureaucracy.” – Samuel Huntington

  3. I can say with certainty that the US bureaucracy is corrupted, but I’m somewhat certain that the German one is as well, maybe not to the same degree.

    I’ve read that there is a lot of German sentiment that they want VW, Daimler, and BMW to dominate the future of EV’s. That could be one of the reasons it has all of sudden become very hard for Tesla to set up shop in Germany.

  4. Didn’t Amnon from mobileye say Germany was at the forefront of autonomous driving legislation

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