Teslabjorn: Nio ES8 1000 km challenge with battery swap

Teslabjorn: Nio ES8 1000 km challenge with battery swap


Teslabjorn: Nio ES8 1000 km challenge with battery swap

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14 thoughts on “Teslabjorn: Nio ES8 1000 km challenge with battery swap

  1. I think his comments at the end about being exhausted are very telling. Since driving an EV, I have noticed that I appreciate the more leisurely pace of refueling stops. You don’t feel the pressure to gas up and get back on the road immediately like you do in a fossil powered car.

    Realistically, once cars with longer ranges like the lucid or Model s are more common and/or they can all charge to 80% in 20 minutes like the ionic 5, I just don’t see the business case for these swap stations. The advantage is just not great enough.

  2. there is a key problem with these stations: they now store 1 kind of battery. When your car becomes the old model it will be soon phased out from being able to battery swap to leave the most room available to attract new costumers. Having the same battery size for all the cars will just mean NIO might be handicapped in a future

  3. That was actually worse than I was expecting.

    1. The swap itself takes 6-7 minutes for 90% battery, during which you’re not allowed to leave the car.
    2. The stations need an attendant. Does the attendant need to be on call 24/7?
    3. The station can only handle one vehicle at a time, and it takes up enough space to fit at least 8 traditional DCFC.

    Bjorn got pretty lucky only running into one occupied station. If you run into one station with a line of 2 cars, it could be 21 minutes before you can finish the swap, and you’d need to sit in the car waiting during that entire time.

  4. Pretty much as I expected, and honestly, not convincing that this is the future.

    Significantly more expensive to install than DCFC, significantly lower capacity for the same money, limited throughput vs DCFC, and eliminates a road trip advantage of DCFC vs. swap and ICE – multitasking downtime, grabbing food while the vehicle charges.

  5. What is with this comment section being so averse to battery swapping? It’s not like this car is only battery swapping. You can literally charge normally+ swap while on the highway

    Best of both worlds. But you gotta pay the premium for the luxury of time

  6. If every company will build swapping stations, it will be a nightmare. Cities will be filled with these type of buildings. Imagine the current number of gas stations multiplied with at least 20 major brands.

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