Testing Electrify America’s Newest DC Fast Chargers (Quick Charge #1)

Testing Electrify America’s Newest DC Fast Chargers (Quick Charge #1)


Testing Electrify America’s Newest DC Fast Chargers (Quick Charge #1)

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6 thoughts on “Testing Electrify America’s Newest DC Fast Chargers (Quick Charge #1)

  1. Thanks for the video! EA is updating chargers here in PA (King of Prussia) but ETC (estimated time of completion) isn’t posted anywhere on EA site. Hopefully new chargers will be up soon and the iOS app will function consistently. Thanks again for taking time to create and post video!

  2. I road-tripped my Polestar 2 from near Madison Wisconsin to Ann Arbor Michigan recently. I knew where I planned on stopping before I left and did a quick check on both PlugShare and EA’s app to see what the condition of those charging stops were. Im not going to lie… there’s a part of me that was frustrated that I felt it necessary to check the condition of those sites before I hit the road. While I had a favorable trip, I wished I weren’t so worried about how well they’d work when I got to each of them. I’m going on a trip that requires I charge along the way. I don’t want the worry that “this whole station might be down.”

    Had I driven my gas pickup, I’d have none of the additional stressors that come with worrying about whether or not the chargers were working. I love the car, but these companies really do need to understand that driving across multiple states requires a robust, functional charging network. Early adopter tax? Perhaps. But as a consumer, I expect electron dispensers to function as well as gasoline dispensers.

    When I talk to people about EV ownership, I make it a point to also talk about the spotty nature of DCFC’s and the uneasy feeling that comes with it, despite leaving my house every day with a full “tank.”

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