The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV Is GM’s New Affordable Long Range EV CUV

The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV Is GM’s New Affordable Long Range EV CUV

The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV Is GM’s New Affordable Long Range EV CUV

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13 thoughts on “The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV Is GM’s New Affordable Long Range EV CUV

  1. *Finally*, AoA, the hero we need.

    Some TLDW details I haven’t heard before:

    * The front tires are 275s on the 3LT he’s looking at, and even the base 1LT will get 255s. (1:00)
    * The moonroof/sunroof will have a power shade, and will be “functionally opening”. (6:10)
    * A heat pump will be standard. (7:00)
    * There *isn’t going to be a pre-order process* ***(!)*** *—* Chevy claims they will have enough availability that they simply *don’t expect a shortage* of this vehicle. (8:05)

    The last point is really surprising. I don’t think anyone here was expecting that. I’m really pleased to hear it has wide front tires, too — the skinny ones on the Mach-E are *just ridiculous.*

  2. This is just a damn good looking car, with great specs, available at a very attractive price point. Really feels like a car that if they had unlimited production could blow other cars out of the water in sales — both ICE and EV.

  3. No reservation process?….with how well they are controlling dealers charging over MSRP. With how many Bolts are on the lot right now available for me to purchase. With how many trim options they are releasing. Ill believe it when I see it. They are wrong to do this. I have an ID.4 reservation and that makes me have a glimmer of hope to something I have locked on under my name. Guess which one will be calling me when available for my money.

    If Chevy wont do reservations, THEN THE DEALERS WILL and hold that against us by charging over MSRP. Cmon Chevy.

    The journalist mentioned Chevy will start a major campaign this sunday. Curious to what that entails.

  4. Huge shout out to alex on autos (ev buyers guide), he makes amazingly informative videos. Would recommend his ev channel to anyone interested in learning about the many models.

  5. I wanted to move upto a Niro EV or EV6 in the next few years, but this starts $10-12k less for the same specs. Plus I don’t think they will get any more tax credits until they start building them here.

  6. This car looks very promising. I’d still like to know some hard specs (ground clearance, exterior dimensions, cargo space) and I’d like to know if it’s possible to get the car without leather, including the steering wheel.

  7. Has he done a review of the Blazer EV? Would like to see a comparison video. I checked his YouTube site but maybe just missed it. At this point I am not sure why I would get Blazer over this.

  8. This or the blazer seem like legit options next year if I am still in the market, but have a hard time finding the specs on them. I see reviews saying they are wider or longer than the ICE counter parts, but still not able to find the exact dimensions. An odd question, but does anyone happen to know how long this or the blazer will be in EV models? My searching only gives definitive answer on the ICE models.

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