The BMW i4 M50 that overheated

The BMW i4 M50 that overheated

The BMW i4 M50 that overheated

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4 thoughts on “The BMW i4 M50 that overheated

  1. He initially turned the car’s 1000 km challenge video into a rant about the overheating problem, leaving the car’s solid test performance by the wayside. The m50 was the sixth fastest BEV in the test at the time (now 7th) , and was only 25 minutes slower than the model 3 performance, the fastest BEV at the time. Negligible difference in real world driving, even with the fault.

    His video’s title was pretty abnormal:

    >BMW i4 M50 overheats with restricted power and charging during 1000 km challenge

    Certainly paints a picture. Normally these videos are simply labeled “Brand Model 1000 km challenge”. It’s so long that the YT recommendation cuts half of it off, so people may not have realized it was the 1000 km video.


    After other i4 M50 owners commented that they hadn’t experienced this issue in similar distances and hotter conditions, and that it may be a fault in the car, Bjorn put out a second video to discuss the overheating problem and how it **definitely** was bad BMW design. [](

    To prove it, he gave some *compelling* logic about being able to replicate the problem. Like…multiple times. *gasp* lol. As if a fault in the system wouldn’t also allow the issue to be replicated…

    For good measure, he spent most of this video ranting about how all “legacy” OEMs design bad HVAC / TPMS systems and how Tesla’s system is best. He did this by primarily comparing cars’ **winter** weather performance, instead of discussing the on-topic hot weather performance that caused the battery to overheat. But I guess so many people camp in their cars in the winter, that this is the only metric Bjorn deems important. /s 🤪

    Bjorn left out the part about it taking Tesla multiple software updates and hardware updates over the span of multiple years to get to their current 3/Y HVAC iteration. He left out that the heat pump had a dangerous hardware flaw (frozen valve) for a year that lead to multiple examples of it failing in the winter. Luckily worked around with a software update.

    The i4 hasn’t even been out for a year yet… so much for apples to apples comparisons. Kind of a moot point now anyways since a fault was found in Bjorn’s test vehicle and wasn’t indicative of how the system should work. A leak definitely isn’t a good thing, and if it’s widespread, then that’s definitely something to ding BMW for. For now, we don’t know how big of an issue it is.

    FYI, someone posted a video of a model 3 w/ heat pump running into a similar issue that the i4 experienced, with multiple people in the comments suggesting they also had the issue… []( Yep. Wasn’t a leak, but was a problem. That was last year though, so maybe there was an update?

    Shortly after Bjorn posted this second video, he pinned a comment under it stating that BMW had confirmed there was, in fact, a fault with this specific test car; but didn’t say what it was. For those that watch videos without reading comments, they’d have missed Bjorn invalidating the entire video and the arguments he made throughout the video. This is why the video should have been deleted, re-posted with a correction / disclaimer, or he should have quickly put out a correction video; not wait 2 weeks to do so.


    Now there’s this third video 2 weeks later setting the record straight about what the issue was; a slow leak in the HVAC coolant system that lead to low coolant levels, leading to insufficient cooling capabilities for both the cabin and battery.

    Bjorn did mention he’ll re-do the i4 M50’s 1000 km test… but sadly the temps in Norway are no longer optimal, sitting at around the mid to low 60s (F) instead of the mid to high 70s, plus plenty of rain in the coming weeks. A 15F temp difference can make a big efficiency difference at highway speeds, plus the cooler temps could hide any remaining thermal issues.

    I can’t see how this chain of events, or Bjorn’s constant need to create a pissing contest between all other brands and Tesla, has really helped with the goal of convincing people to replace ICEVs with BEVs… but to each their own. It seems Bjorn’s imperative is to sell more Teslas these days…

  2. Björn tests a lot of cars. He does great tests. For a brand like BMW you are going to get criticism because the brand expectation on engineering is high. In the end the result was ok but having to choose between fast charging speed or airco, with the subsequent power restriction on highway does not fit the brand. Tesla has a 5+ year lead and it shows in this area. The Tesla engineering in items like octovalve is fundamentally right and many subsequent issues have been fixed with software. His video titles are a bit clickbait but that is inherent in the fact that he earns money from his videos. Note that other cars have these issues and he has highlighted also. Like the ev6, ioniq5 as I recall. Also MEB cars. Having said that, in his last MEB test with Enyaq RS, when he reviewed all data he did say impact was minimal to total journey. Again, brand sets expectations.

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