The hydrogen revolution in the skies

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2 thoughts on “The hydrogen revolution in the skies”
  1. From the article:

    >The UK government, together with private investors and commercial partners are supporting ZeroAvia in the development of an aircraft with a hydrogen-electric (fuel cell) powertrain capable of carrying up to 20 passengers about 350 nautical miles (648km).¬†ZeroAvia’s founder and chief executive Val Miftakhov, says the company expects to offer commercial flights using such a plane as early as 2023, and that by 2026 it will be able to realise flights over a range of 500 nautical miles (926km) in aircraft with up to 80 seats. For 2030, Miftakhov has even bigger plans: “We will have single-aisle jets, 100-seat category,” he says.

    This has the potential of really moving the needle on global climate emissions. I sometimes fly between Seattle and San Jose. If there are commercial flights in the next 5-10 years that I can take using hydrogen-electric technology, I’d be willing to pay a premium if that means the climate impact ends up being significantly lower.

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