Not long ago, I believe I must have mentioned to someone that I was in the mobile auto detailing and mobile car washing business prior to retirement. And on first glance someone might say that seems inefficient to drive a unit to someone’s home to clean their car. Yes, I’d agree with that if we are talking about washing and waxing individual cars or one or two at a time. My acquaintance stated;

“Seems like a whole lotta hoops n hassles just to get a truck n wash cars – Yikes…”

Well, I suppose that is correct, it is a lot of hassle to get a truck and go car washing. However, it is much more efficient to go clean a fleet of trucks, cars, buses, aircraft, than it is to take each of those individual items to a facility, such as a truck wash, bus wash, car wash, or aircraft wash rack individually. Plus, most auto detailers and mobile car washers are very conservative with their water supply, because water weighs a lot and it takes too much time to keep refilling.

With the extra weight it means more fuel used, and more trips increases those fuel costs which by the end of the week add up to a substantial amount of cost. I know one mobile car wash entrepreneur, whose units are ultra-efficient with water supply, 10x’s less water used, thus, less to reclaim too. In fact, he produced the most efficient washing units on the planet, and created the largest mobile car washing company in the world.

Now then, I suppose that is “doing something” – and that particular car washing entrepreneur made a significant contribution to efficiency. Nevertheless, perhaps my acquaintance is correct, as yes, it is a lot of hassle to drive to a location and a lot of work to wash 100s of cars per day. So, what about the future of mobile car washing? What’s in store there you ask? Well, let me explain my predictions on that matter;

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In the future self-cleaning coatings, special materials, frequency molecule dispersion will be much more efficient, plus, fuel cells, electric cars do not get as dirty because the petroleum distillates are not present allowing for the dirt to stick and adhere to the vehicles. Thus, one could say there is a lot more rocket science in the future of car washing and detailing than is obvious at first glance. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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