The VW ID. Buzz Is The Antidote To POINTLESS SUVs

The VW ID. Buzz Is The Antidote To POINTLESS SUVs

The VW ID. Buzz Is The Antidote To POINTLESS SUVs

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21 thoughts on “The VW ID. Buzz Is The Antidote To POINTLESS SUVs

  1. I think this will be my first full on EV, just waiting to see the final price in the US as well as if the rumor mill around the US version getting the 100kw battery due to the longer wheel base. I love the hell out of this thing, would be perfect for what me and my wife are looking for.


    Please VW…please make this in the realm of affordability…please

  2. The Buzz is getting praise around the different sites – as a parent, this seems to cover all the bases and worries…. But I’d like to see an actual range test with the right usecases.

    Stash two to three kids in the back, add luggage for a weekend trip and two adults on the front seat. Then drive it a few hundred kms on highway and city driving and see how the battery fares

  3. But it’s Fully Charged. They’re EV cheerleaders who heap praise on every EV without exception. They heaped praise on the Mazda MX-30, even. So, really, this puff piece isn’t going to help anyone evaluate the Buzz.

  4. I took one of these for a test drive but it was not as functional as I had hoped for and I felt very disappointed. It only had two pairs of Isofix so it was out of the question for someone with a large family. My current car has much smaller dimensions but seats 7 and has 3 pairs of Isofix.

  5. I am really unlikely to purchase any car new, I dont like car payments. But $60k for a 5 seater van is too much for me. It will be interesting to see how they hold their value as resale of electrics becomes more common.

    I really just want an honest wagon/shooting brake that does not resemble an SUV. My hatchback is just a tad too cramped with a car seat and stroller for people taller than me

  6. I reaywant one, especially with a large family – bit I think I’ll wait for the bigger battery version. This is the kind of vehicle to use for road trips and touring touring the family around and it could use the extra range.

    Why does the sliding bg door cover the charging port though 😅 that’s bound to create some awkward repair situations…

    Jam the kids in the back, pop the food trays down and have a bit while you charge. No vents in the back? No problem – pop open a door to let some air in and ^crank, you just dentes your door and skewed your charge port

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