Thoughts on Lightyear?

Thoughts on Lightyear?

I never really see anything posted about Lightyear. What do we think of it? Is it actually going to production?


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17 thoughts on “Thoughts on Lightyear?

  1. Yeah, it’s a thing, and it’s going into production.

    From a technology standpoint it’s really cool, and the solar panels aren’t even the main part. The whole hyper-efficient car architecture theme is something the industry as a whole could really stand to get more into.

    However, they’re doing the Tesla thing where they’re releasing an extremely expensive, low volume first product in order to generate initial revenue and set themselves up for mass market entry at a later date. So basically… come back and ask again in three to four years, then there might be a product that’s relevant to the average* joe.

    (*middle class)

  2. They said it won’t be sold in the US. And why pay $250k for a car pretty much as slow as a Prius that’s only plus is it can charge it self.

    Say charging an EV at home costs about $30 month, a mid range EV costs about $50k and you live someplace with lots of sun, you drive under 25 miles a day and never plug in your lightyear. It would take over 6000 months or 500 years to pay back $200k difference in price at $30 a month savings.

    But a bolt or leaf for under $30k, spend $30k on whole home solar, charge your car, power your house and put power back on the grid for far less money.

  3. As it stands, the solar panels on the car are an expensive gimmick. Those who can afford the car’s six figure price tag most certainly don’t need the savings afforded by the panels.

    All this car does is make the Aptera look even more logical.

  4. It was a decent movie, but not as good as I was hoping it would be. Wanted to see Buzz visit a bunch of planets, not stay stuck on one the whole movie. Also the movie misunderstood how time dilation works.

  5. Cool piece of tech, apparently yes going in to production. Have no intention or honestly interest in ever owning one. Maybe if they survive for a while and manage to get an affordable model out.

    The extreme efficiency they’re achieving is pretty great though. Even if they dont manage to make the step to a more affordable car, if they could sell or license the tech to get that efficiency to other manufacturers, that would be amazing.

  6. I love their focus on efficiency. The Mercedes EQXX can almost be seen as a tribute to Lightyear.

    The main advantage of solar panels on the roof is that they can be automatically installed by robots in a factory. With the current cost of electricity going trough the roof it might even make sense financially. (Not on this $200k halo car though)

    If it were shaped like a brick like The Sono Sion, with solar panels on the side doors, I think the additional complexity outweighs the solar gains.

  7. I’m pretty excited by the idea but I think a lot of people see the price of the first one and check out a bit. There’s a dedicated sub but very little action over there compared to the aptera one, as an example.

    I think they’re due to go into production pretty soon, so if that happens perhaps the scepticism will ease off a bit.

  8. It is a low volume car. Reviews of the car online are positive, but it is out of reach for most people, hence why you don’t see a lot of hype on here. That, and it is being designed to optimize efficiency – despite this being a sub for EVs, the lack of interest in minimizing wasted energy is sad. So many on here are happy to blow down the road at 85mph when they could be using far less energy driving the actual speed limit. Many do not actually care primarily about reducing their energy usage in a way that is easily achievable, because they are “just burning electrons” and it is within their budget.

    All that to say most people on here don’t actually care that much about efficiency, so a weird vehicle like Lightyear 1 with its use of solar panels to get those marginal gains is just a little too fringe.

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