One of the cool parts about being an automotive journalist is that I get to drive a lot of cool cars throughout the year. While I don’t get to sample every new car hitting the streets, I do get a chance to drive some good ones. It should be noted that I really didn’t drive anything terrible this year, which is always a plus, but there are a few that stand out in my memory of being quite enjoyable. Here are the top five cars I feel I’ve driven this year.

Miata is always the answer. Well, at least until we get a chance to drive the Fiat 124 Spider. But seriously, the new ND Miata is amazing. It’s fun. It’s affordable. It’s well-equipped. Don’t look at the specs on paper and just drive one, and you’ll totally understand.

Agree or disagree with our list? Of course you do! Let us know your favorite cars you’ve driven this year, or your favorite new cars in the comments below!

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