Totally doable. (Show us your EV towing pics!)

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12 thoughts on “Totally doable. (Show us your EV towing pics!)”
  1. **FAQ**

    – Tows like a dream, almost like it isn’t there.

    – Expect range to be 30-50% of normal @ 55mph. We plan to charge every 100 miles.

    – [This](https://safaricondo.com/en/caravanes-alto-serie-f-2114/) is the trailer. Fully loaded weight just under 3500 lbs.

    – Aftermarket brake controllers are not optimized for EVs (improper settings can cut into regen potential).

  2. There should be more EV tailored trailers with better aerodynamics in the future

  3. When I first got the electric delivery van at work instead of the diesel one from before (same model and year just different heart) my mind was blown by how capable and agile it was even fully loaded

  4. I borrowed [this tiny trailer](https://i.imgur.com/kQTeHx9.jpg) from friends just to see how the ID.4 handles it. Drives without a problem, consumption is *slightly* higher. At 100km/h we consumed around 30kWh/100km, at 80 it was around 26kWh – however, it was around 0°C.

    It’s a 30 year old Qek Junior from the former DDR. Weighs around 360kg empty and is exactly 2m high.

    I suspect weight is mostly irrelevant, however aerodynamic is a real bitch.

  5. How much into other models did you look into, when considering towing? An EV is in my near future, but from what I understand there aren’t many that can natively tow.

  6. I read the Model X will get damaged with load distribution hitch and you should only use them with a [class 3 or better](https://www.etrailer.com/faq-weightdistribution.aspx) and the Model Y comes with a [class 2](https://www.truckspring.com/towing/trailer-hitches/hitch-classes.aspx). I guess it depends on where the hitch is attached and to the bumper is not good enough since someone put a hitch on a Model3 that went through the lower part of the trunk. Maybe the Model Y isn’t just attached to the bumper like the Model 3 aftermarket is. Anyhow hopefully I am mistaken and even if I am not the chance of damage is likely very low to none still.

  7. Is that a Model Y?

    If you dont mind me asking – what range do you get doing this.

    Considering either a used MOdel S – or a New or Used Model Y (cant find any existing inventory)

    Wnat to do a cross country road trip — been googling/etc

  8. >- Expect range to be 30-50% of normal @ 55mph. We plan to charge every 100 miles.

    How was your experience with the logistics of Supercharging w/a trailer? Were you able to use some pull through spots or did you have to unhook the trailer a lot?

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