Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: Electric vehicles shouldn’t be a luxury item

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29 thoughts on “Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: Electric vehicles shouldn’t be a luxury item”
  1. So then get rid of all the corporate oil subsidies and giveaways and increase the EV consumer subsidies.

  2. Agreed. What they did in the UK with capping government incentives on vehicles under 50K (now 35K, I believe) is the way to go. You have to force the manufacturers to make cars that the average person can afford.

  3. Obviously this isn’t a comprehensive solution, but for an individual, used Volts are a bargain way to get to typically daily 100% electric driving, IMHO.

    Very good value, battery & powertrain are above-average reliable, and I saw no need to pay for a level-2 station install in my use-case.

  4. Well that is the issue, isn’t it. Who says what “should” and “shouldn’t” be? This is more of an economics phenomenon, and you can bet that as soon as we reach a tipping point in terms of public knowledge, charging infrastructure, and battery cost, the transition will be very quick like falling down a hill. Public incentives for EV production are a catalyst for getting over the hump (activation energy), to continue the chemistry analogy. As soon as that hump is surmounted, incentives will no longer be necessary.

  5. I’m confused… a few months ago he said no incentives were needed, as he believed cost parity had been achieved. Clearly that’s not the case, and I hope they can work on getting a reformed incentive pushed through this year.

  6. They aren’t a luxury item, new cars are a luxury item. The vast majority of people buy used.

  7. After the Chinese EV invasion of the US in 2023/2024 price parity with a Toyota Camry will be reached with comparable build quality. Game over for ICE then.

  8. I dont get it.

    I know we all love EVs, but shouldnt the comment be “new vehicles shouldnt be a luxury item?”

    How is an EV a luxury item with the options we have now, but a brand new ICE car isnt? Not every EV is a tesla.

  9. It’s quite the one-two that many of us adopt EVs out of environmentalist intentions, and not only have to accept the higher price tag but also the huge registration fee.

  10. EVs represent progress, but can cut total emissions by 1/2 to – at best – 2/3rds. We need >90-95%. That mandates changing not only drive trains, but the nature and extent of mobility. Universal private car ownership is incompatible with avoiding climate change.

  11. Well, lets say an electric car shouldn’t be more a luxury than a gasoline car. After all, polluting the air everyone breath shouldn’t be cheap.
    But electric cars should still be a luxury compare to public transport, biking and walking.

  12. Electric vehicles have to be luxury items at first. With their extremely high R&D and logistics cost, the only way to justify making an EV is selling them at very high prices.

  13. The only reason EVs are ‘luxury’ is that batteries are still stupid expensive, so they mostly end up in expensive cars.

    Also, you can’t argue that a Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, Smart EV, or a Kia Niro is a luxury car.

    Seems like Mayor Pete thinks only Tesla makes EVs.

  14. Not all EVs are luxury items. Got my eGolf for $15k new after all the incentives. I know Bolts are sold very cheap as well. A lot of people just don’t understand the math, the tax credits and then the savings on cost of operation.

    But beyond small cars, it definitely gets expensive because the battery has to be so big for something like an SUV or a pick up.

  15. Them using a picture of a Model Y in front of StarShip for the thumbnail is hilarious hahaha

  16. I was lucky to get my 2017 Chevy Bolt used with low miles and no real noticeable battery degradation. I think the used EV market doesn’t get enough attention.

  17. Give me a two seater AWD commuter with half the range of the Taychan. It will allow me to get to work dodging gasoline tax, skipping tolls, using carpool lanes.

  18. Electric vehicles will be a luxury item until we change the way we use and own batteries or the volume of manufacturing increases enough to drop the cost of new batteries significantly.

    Everyone is pushing people to buy new Electric cars… what about people that will likely never buy a new car in their lifetime? That is millions of Americans believe it or not.

    Currently, a 10 year old Electric car is exiting warranty and soon to be in need of a new battery, regardless of miles traveled, they don’t last much more then 10 years. That is a guaranteed expense, and batteries aren’t cheap. Similar to knowing that every 10 years you will have to put a new engine in your vehicle, whether you use it or not. That prices out probably about a third of the population.

    The vehicles I own are a 1986, a 1997 and a 2009… how many batteries would these three vehicles use from manufacture until now? They are all on their original engines and transmissions ant the total cost of all three was $11,600 and a dirtbike 🙂

  19. And they wont be once our oil sotted automanufacturers are told enough and spend their money on R&D not corporate perks for the rich.

    Our current focus is making billionaires not good cars that are good for humanity.

  20. With a picture of a Tesla of course, surprised they didn’t add “like Teslas” to get maximum clicks. Nobody told them it’s in no way the most expensive but likely Audi, Porsche and GM have nice advertising contracts in place..

  21. They have to be expensive so we can build enough of them to learn to make them cheap. That’s how any new technology is. We just need to make them affordable as quickly as possible, and if he has a way to help I’m all for it

  22. For anyone who doesn’t already know, Pete’s husband has a plug-in Ford C Max so he at least knows a tiny bit about EVs/plug-in hybrids.

  23. It shouldn’t be, but the manufacturing cost is significantly higher than ICE for the same class/category.

    I wish there’s a way to tax higher on luxury ICE cars to offset EV cost.

  24. Agreed. Shave a zero off those pricetags and maybe you can be useful and make that happen.

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