Trump’s anti-electric car rant is really something – Aaron Rupar on Twitter

Trump’s anti-electric car rant is really something – Aaron Rupar on Twitter

Trump’s anti-electric car rant is really something – Aaron Rupar on Twitter

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27 thoughts on “Trump’s anti-electric car rant is really something – Aaron Rupar on Twitter

  1. Politics in many countries is now focused on being divisive. On driving a wedge between one view and another. To become the polar opposite. This is one of those attempts at dividing us.

    In the real world, EV adoption has been fairly well diversified between all political viewpoints. Both in the US and around the world.

  2. So I get that electric cars, by themselves, are not going to save the planet, but then wtf is his solution? Oh yeah, he doesn’t believe in global warming so he couldn’t give less of a shit.

    Also, this story sounds like bullshit and more of a slam on Kentucky than anything else. They probably have backwards laws restricting charging stations.

  3. This is just plain ignorant, Get a Tesla or 800V Architecture EV that can charge 250 Kw to 350 Kw and you will barely be spending any time at the charger.

    Some People don’t know how EV’s work they need to be educated on the topic.

  4. Didn’t watch.

    So at first they bitch about gas prices, then when some of us say “yeah, let’s make the switch to electric so we don’t have to keep paying for this shit” he comes and disses electric vehicles…

    Saudi and co. must be paying him well

  5. So the moral of Trump’s (completely fabricated) story? Trying to save the planet is stupid if it entails any inconvenience whatsoever.

    Says the guy who wants to disband the EPA.

    Says the guy who wants to roll back auto emissions standards.

    This is why we shouldn’t elect people who will be naturally dead before the impact of their policies is felt. Or maybe we shouldn’t elect morons. Whichever.

  6. Let me hear the MAGAs in this sub declaring once again “keep your dirty politics out, they’ve got nothing to do with EVs!” Just more of the MAGA crowd and the Fox News brainwashed continued contrived culture wars. Just the other day MTG was ranting about electric vehicles.

    MAGAS, Republicans, Conservatives, whatever: Fox News, Donald Trump and the GOP think you are an idiot and will buy the constant moronic lies they are selling. Or they think you are a horrible person like them and don’t care.

    Either way, enough is enough and you can get on the right side of history or you can all fuck right off.

  7. What an ass. Gas prices got that low only when COVID had everything locked down and no one was driving anywhere. He’s just playing to the intellect of his base. If they can’t “roll coal”, they ain’t happy.

  8. Correct, gas was worth less than $0 due to the worldwide shutdown during a fucking pandemic and no one being able to drive or driving very little. There was absolutely no demand for it. The cost of gas at that point was pure tax.

  9. No point arguing with his supporters. Just recently replied to someone who said “rational human being do not buy an electric car”, then goes onto grid outage where you can’t charge vehicles, etc… I told him it’s false with paragraph explaining why(from engineering explained video) along with gas stations needing electricity to pump gas. You know what he told me. He said “You don’t need a paragraph to prove that to me Mr. Biden supporter” and say I’m uneducated lol. Also claimed for people to stockpile gas cars because people will be wanting one in 2040. Yeah no point in replying.

  10. How could anyone listen to him speak his voice and inflection is disgusting.

    Also I just drove from Princeton, NJ to Nashville, TN in my Ioniq 5 in 12.5 hours. I can’t imagine you’d do much better in a gas car unless you were doing 90 the whole time.

    Edit: oops, I can’t count, it took about 13.5 hours. Still you’re not going to do much better in a gas car.

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