(UK) £1/KWh rapid charging may become the norm; Osprey the first CPO but more to follow?

(UK) £1/KWh rapid charging may become the norm; Osprey the first CPO but more to follow?


This was mentioned in a podcast I listen to called “EV Musings” where they discussed with the Osprey CEO the CPO pricing pressures, and the belief that other CPOs will soon also raise prices to >£1/KWh. As he pointed out, it’s not like they are able to source their electricity from a cheaper source (unless they heavily hedged)

[Public EV charging hits £1 per kWh as Osprey hikes prices by 50% | NationalWorld](https://www.nationalworld.com/lifestyle/cars/osprey-ev-charging-why-has-its-price-increased-to-ps1kwh-and-will-other-network-prices-rise-3844125)

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7 thoughts on “(UK) £1/KWh rapid charging may become the norm; Osprey the first CPO but more to follow?

  1. This will be a big hit to those that can’t charge at home. In order to save money it’s pretty much essential you have a home charger + EV tariff if you want to see meaningful savings vs ICE.

    Government has basically withdrawn all EV incentives bar BIK savings, so it’s going to look unattractive to the average family to switch to electric unless petrol/diesel prices go insane again.

  2. Always very quiet on these kinds of posts, which I find strange, yes EV’s should be celebrated but the challenges also should be discussed. Such as the energy crisis in the EU.

    We run the risk of becoming an echo chamber.

  3. I really don’t want to upvote this post……

    That is like 12.40sek / kWh… IONITY takes 8.70sek
    I really hope that is without any kind of membership?

  4. I feel (hope) that £1/kWh is a while away. Given that their competitors are still at 50p (Gridserve) to 69p (Ionity) and have had fewer increases in the last couple of years, I suspect that Osprey hitting the £1 mark is down to them not hedging compared to their competitors. Additionally, given that apps like Bonnet can get charging down to 40p (and new customers of the brands that own Ionity can get it as cheap as 28p) suggests there is still room in the kWh rate

    I may be wrong and prices may be on the way up.

  5. at this price the difference could be drastic in 2 similar size vehicle:
    1) ID4 at 35 kwh/100 mile: to drive 100 miles will cost £35
    2) Rav-4 hybrid: 40 mpg to drive 100 miles will require 2.5 gallons (11.365 L); at £1.677/L: will cost £19
    -in the winter time it is worse for the ID4: the efficiency decreases more so than the decrease mpg in winter for the rav-4 hybrid
    -for those that buy expensive such as tesla: the cost wouldn’t matter as much. but for those that are on a budget: will look at alternative such as a hybrid.

  6. HMRC charging 20% VAT on rapid charging, and EVs and Solar panels, compared to 5% on coal, someone there needs to be brought up to speed on the climate crisis

  7. I am getting a car on subscription soon (Onto) and they provide charge cards as part of the subscription cost. But I suspect they may have to increase the price…

    I could charge at home but with the October rise it would mean £17 for 0 – 100%. I have debt with my supplier so can’t move to octopus energy yet.

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