The USPS is presented a once in a generation opportunity to fully modernize the USPS fleet and of all things they decide to go with diesel instead of EVs. If you think this is a colossal mistake please speak out and sign the change.org petition. http://chng.it/8gnCxV7LF4

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4 thoughts on “USPS Fleet Replacement”
  1. USPS said they’d gladly go EV if congress allocated them the additional $3-4b it would take.

  2. As much as I want support this initiative I have two questions:

    – Who sells the EV version?
    – How can USPS pay the EV premium when congress won’t fund their budget OR let the charge more stamps?

  3. This is just their maneuvering for some of that sweet infrastructure money. They could easily use the budget they have to replace the majority of their fleet with EVs. The remainder could be done in later years but they want to get as much as they can right up front.

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