Volkswagen is trying to get some customers an ID.4 earlier by having them switch their orders from AWD to RWD. I’m in Colorado, so I’m keeping my AWD order the way it is.

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13 thoughts on “Volkswagen is trying to get some customers an ID.4 earlier by having them switch their orders from AWD to RWD. I’m in Colorado, so I’m keeping my AWD order the way it is.”
  1. RWD EVs work completely fine in the snow, likely even better FWD ICE. You would only need AWD if you lived in the mountains or went skiing every weekend.

  2. I also, think they want to try and get more vehicles on the road… It’s like free advertising given how rare this vehicle is at the moment.

    Honestly they should try and incentivize people a bit more… obviously they have unsold capacity. More vehicles on the road will likely = more future orders… Reward early pre-order adopters… (Getting a lesser vehicle earlier is not an incentive…) At least till they sell out of their manufacturing capacity and enter into a backlog.

    It’s a good indicator of demand. The fact that they haven’t already sold out their capacity this close to Summer.

  3. Depends where you are. I have had plenty of FWD and RWD cars here in Southeast MI with no issue.

  4. You’ll do fine with an RWD EV, there aren’t nearly as many oversteer issues as with an RWD ICE because of the weight distribution. FWD EVs will be nonexistant on all-electric car platforms due to this.

    But you’ll love the AWD EV drivetrain too, the car will be nicer to drive on snowy and slushy roads and I believe all the assists will have an easier time dealing with any issues.

  5. I got the email too. I wouldn’t mind RWD, but the power difference is a problem. The RWD is just slow. If they made a 300hp RWD I might consider it. I’ve driven exclusively RWD cars through snowy Chicago winters and its a non-issue.

  6. The vast majority of people only need rwd too. I love in Northern alberta and I’d still just get rwd if I was only using it around town.

  7. I have a locked AWD order and did not receive this email or any communication that my order would be delayed to that window. Wonder if it’s based on location. My dealer is in the DC/MD/VA area. Perhaps one factor is proximity to a VW shipping port that is affecting who gets delayed?

  8. I have an AWD on pre order got the same email. My issue with the RWD is more from the battery capacity and acceleration standpoint. An extra 100hp and I’d guess at least 80 miles is the bigger issue for me than the RWD/AWD issue.

  9. Always baffled me how Tesla launched RWD models followed two months later by AWD. I just don’t get it. I’m in the rust belt so anything without AWD is silly if it’s an option.

  10. I’d switch and just buy snow tires myself. 4wd is not always the answer. Especially when this is not even a real system.

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