Volkswagen Teases ID.6 Ahead Of World Premiere

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8 thoughts on “Volkswagen Teases ID.6 Ahead Of World Premiere”
  1. I’d consider buying. Need a 7 passenger EV in my life that has more space than model s

  2. At this point VW is now abusing this excitement for EV unveil.

    1. Unveil prototype
    2. Unveil production intent interior
    3. Unveil production model which is basically the prototype unveiled a year prior.

  3. Nice specs: 588 km NEDC range for a 7 seater is pretty good. (comparison: Model Y MIC is 594 km NEDC). They just need to price it right, and I think they will.

  4. Volkswagen, I would like to buy an ID.**3** in the US, not the large vehicles you offer.

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