VW boss takes aim at hybrids in call for Australia vehicle emissions targets

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5 thoughts on “VW boss takes aim at hybrids in call for Australia vehicle emissions targets”
  1. Australia is such a disappointment. We should’ve started manufacturing our own EVs. We have vast amounts of Lithium, cobalt and other materials. We could’ve created our own supply chain from 100% domestic materials but nah uncle Rupert wouldn’t like that.

  2. Honestly, the Government in Australia has negative views on Electric Vehicles. They’re against action on climate-change (thanks uncle Rupert). So anything that even looked like it’s action on climate change is attacked by the media until it’s unpopular with the voters. At our last Federal election a major sticking point was an EV scheme, and it might have lost our progressive party the election

  3. Australia is such an embarrassment. I guess that’s what happens when you’re Murdoch’s home turf.

  4. So VW who are half way down the list of polluters is calling out the second spot company? What the hell? Dude… fix your own issues before having a go at Toyota. No one should be talking shit about hybrids while still selling full ICE vehicles themselves.

  5. Let us know when you’ll actually bother to sell Volkswagen EVs in Australia, Bartsch.

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