VW ID.4 Commercial Goes After Subaru’s Green Image

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8 thoughts on “VW ID.4 Commercial Goes After Subaru’s Green Image”
  1. Subaru is going to lose the “granola” crowd due to dragging their feet on EVs. Its imminent.

  2. How does Subaru have a green image? Some of the worst gas guzzlers in automotive

  3. I don’t think any of these car companies should be taking shots at each other. None of them are as good as they say they are, not even Tesla, and so for VW to engage in this is just crazy.

  4. For decades I’ve laughed at decals declaring any acknowledgment of environmental concern on the bumpers of air cooled VWs. If there ever was a more blatant illustration of cognitive dissonance.

    Similar to this threads title and OPs flair.

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