We all know about the Rimac C1 and C2, but their new HQ looks awesome 💪

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8 thoughts on “We all know about the Rimac C1 and C2, but their new HQ looks awesome 💪”
  1. This is awesome. Mate Rimac is one sharp, focused dude. He’s also humble, down to Earth and friendly. He got his start by converting his own BMW to electric. He then went on to design his own electric motors.

    He was part of an EV community and posted regularly about his progress. We all thought he was nuts taking on building motors from scratch, but he did and it was a brilliantly efficient one at that. When he mentioned he was going to build a whole car and put *four* motors in it, the collective thoughts were “lol, you’ll nev…. well…”. A few years later, he had his jaw-dropping Concept One.

    One of his requirements was to design and build the cars right in Croatia. There were few scattered resources, and little support from the government. He persisted and now Rimac is a powerhouse in the industry, serving major established brands with their EV designs.

    Amazing guy, brilliant in every way. Happy to see him succeed.

  2. Inspired by Apple Park, seemingly. Probably Norman Foster. This isn’t their new HQ btw, this is a mockup of the HQ they want to build.

  3. Im more interested in the part where they help bring their tech into cars people can afford like the Ioniq 5 or Kia EV6.

  4. Love it. If they can open for people, I would visit it if I’ve chance to travel Croatia

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