Earlier today, released another teaser video in their line of teaser videos leading up to the launch of the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 on the 17th of this month. Let’s take a real, honest-to-goodness look at what we know, and don’t know, about this new car.

What We Know:

  • It has Michelin tires. Video number two clearly shows the Michelin man on the tires, meaning they’re going to be Michelin Pilot Super Sports.
  • It was designed in the wind tunnel. Video two shows many cutouts and vents for air to flow through. The downforce will be functional on this car.
  • It has Brembo-branded brakes. Video three shows the Brembo logo prominently on the calipers. They may even be carbon ceramic units. Video two shows a pattern on the rotors reminiscent of carbon ceramic rotors found on other performance cars.
  • Some part, or parts, of the car will be constructed from carbon fiber. Video through shows script that says Carbon Fiber.
  • It’ll have Recaro seats. Video three shows the Recaro logo.

What We Don’t Know:

  • Which Michelin tires it’ll actually have. Ford talks at length about it being a driver’s car, but will they make tradeoffs on the tires? (They are Pilot Super Sports, see above. -Ed)
  • Which parts will be carbon fiber. It could be anything from the driveshaft to the cup holder. We really don’t know.
  • Which type of forced induction, if any, will be used. Video three devotes a chunk of time talking about EcoBoost and Ford’s forced induction efforts, so we’re assuming it’s forced induction. EcoBoost has always been used on turbo engines, and we haven’t seen it on a supercharged engine before. But heck, it could be naturally aspirated because they devote as much time to talking about how free revving the engine is.
  • The name. We’re following an assumption that the new Mustang will be the GT350, probably with the Shelby moniker. But that doesn’t mean that’s the case. Nobody has officially said anything about it. It could be Ford Snort-Thruster X1 for all we know.
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What we do know for sure is we’ll find out the name, at least, on November 17th when the details are released. Will we get all the details we seek on the 17th? Probably not. They need other things to tease us with until the car hits showrooms sometime next year.

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