What EV Charging Apps Do I Need on My Phone?

What EV Charging Apps Do I Need on My Phone?


What EV Charging Apps Do I Need on My Phone?

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13 thoughts on “What EV Charging Apps Do I Need on My Phone?

  1. > For example, a Tesla owner can rely on their car’s onboard navigation to locate Supercharger stations, which (for the moment) can only be used with the electric automaker’s range of vehicles. Yet, a faulty Supercharger outlet or excessively long waits to recharge at a specific station could be avoided by using one or two apps to provide real-time information about pricing, availability, and potential problems.

    How old is this article? Teslas have been handling “faulty SC outlets or excessively long waits” automatically for quite some time, now. You don’t even need the app: the in-car nav does that for you.

  2. None.

    Every charger should allow direct payments with a credit/debit card without needing to sign up for any accounts or subscriptions and not take any “initial deposits” like Chargepoint & EVgo.

  3. “need”? None. Almost all chargers work with NFC cards or credit cards, and you can get to them via the regular navigation methods or the charger finder if your car GPS has that.

    “might want”? A whole lot. The remote control app for your car brand most likely. The app(s) of your preferred charging network providers, if you don’t like to fiddle around with cards. Maybe ABRP.

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