Some people have called it a “Raptor Fighter,” but the folks at Ram Trucks don’t want you to think of it as such. So what exactly is the 2015 Ram Rebel that debuted at the 2015 North American International Show? Here’s why it’s being made and why we think it’ll sell well.


If you drive by any truck dealership in the midwest, you’ll often notice that there’ll be at least one or two trucks on display that have been lifted and have different wheels. These brand new trucks were modified by the dealership to make them more enticing to certain customers, and draw business into the dealership.


The problem with this method is that the dealerships are voiding parts of the factory new truck warranty by installing the aftermarket lift kit. That’s not the most desirable situation.


Ram decided to address this niche by offering an option from the factory. The Rebel has more aggressive looks, and thanks to the air suspension, can easily be lifted to the higher ride height to accompany a bigger set of wheels. All of this comes with a factory warranty.


In addition, you do not lose any of the capability of the Ram 1500. It’ll haul just as much, and the air suspension will do all the load-leveling that it does on a normal truck.

In a way, the Rebel gives you the visual benefits of a truck like the Raptor, without losing any of the capability that comes with building a truck to race off-road in the desert. Ram is betting that this is something people will want.

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We don’t see any real reason why it wouldn’t be desirable.

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