With General Motors announcing its move to manufacture only electric vehicles by 2035 and the increasing popularity of hybrid electric models, the growth of electric vehicles has serious momentum.

Electric vehicles (EVs) were about 2% of the automotive market share in 2020, according to Cox Automotive, but as more manufacturers like Volvo and Jaguar make commitments to phase out gas-powered vehicles, the number of EVs on the road is expected to rise.

Jonathan Caldwell, of Stratham, bought a Model 3 Tesla three years ago after installing solar panels on his home’s roof. Knowing the solar power would be enough to charge his vehicle at night, he said his investment was his way to locally help the environment and reduce his carbon footprint.

“We love driving around town in our EV,” Caldwell said. “We’re saving a lot of money in gas and maintenance costs, and we’re powering it with solar power when we charge at home. It’s the most fun car we’ve ever owned.”

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