Why are Tesla owners so passionate

Why are Tesla owners so passionate


It seems they defend any and everything related to the company more so than any other car company.

They seem to be [less objective ](https://www.hotcars.com/are-tesla-customers-turning-against-the-brand/) than any other group, including apple users …

Like the cars are their kids!

What is it about this company?

Why do they have such a hard time being objective?

Why do they care what is said about the cars, the brand, the CEO……more than ANY OTHER brands customers?

Other companies customers just drive the car and could careless what is said about the company or the CEO.

Why do you care so much?

Then the meetups?

Down votes to come 👍

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28 thoughts on “Why are Tesla owners so passionate

  1. There’s a book about this phenomenon that pre-dates Tesla called “The Culting of the Brands.” It explains how certain brands use classic psychology to build fierce loyalty.


    The most important thing I would stress to anyone to avoid being manipulated by marketers is to remember that everything in life is only for now. The brand will change, it’s message will shift, and it’s quality will change over time.

  2. I am not generalizing, so if what I write about a Tesla owner isn’t *you*, reader, then it’s not meant to be about you. But the following does apply to a significant chunk of loud supporters.

    Some loud Tesla supporters are financially incentivized to squash criticism and evangelize the company as many hold significant stock holdings in the company.

    This is a phenomenon that seems to remain only with TSLA among automakers. But between TSLA’s fundamentally inflated stock price and Elon’s method for raising it, it’s become a recipe for an annoying subset of owners who say Tesla can do no wrong.

  3. I think the brand is doing a lot of innovative good things which was hyped a lot by some (and Musk ofc). Like any brand it has a lot of shortcomings but most of owners don’t really have that cult like vibe. Sure they love their car but that’s it and I think that’s fine. The cult you speak of is very loud but few, like other comments said, many are TSLA investors so yeah those are loud and like a cult.

  4. >They seem to be less objective that any other group, including apple users …

    Maybe post Steve Jobs, but during the return of Steve Jobs Apple users where insufferable and worshipped Jobs / Apple and forgave many dumb things.

    I think the same is true for Tesla and Elon. It is that combination of the products and the leader that daws some of the cult like following.

    Both Jobs and Elon where/are closely involved with nearly every product or process in their companies.

    I only know the names of the GM and Ford CEOs from memes (Mary Lead) or Jim Farley taking shots at Elon/Tesla on twitter. I knew about Herbert Diess at VW from all the drama within the company and again his ties to Elon.

    I know nothing about Hyundai but I do know the IONIQ 5 is slick.

    Would have to look up who runs Toyota or Honda these days… or basicly any other auto company but then again I am more interested in EVs.

  5. For some, their Tesla is the first decent car they have actually owned, and they can see that cars are fun and that’s cool in my opinion. But there is a world of cars out there, any many of the so-called legacy car makers, especially the German ones, who offer more quality, luxury, and approaching the drivetrain efficiency of Tesla.

    Tesla is the Toyota of EV, the default, the easy choice, it’ll be great in many ways, but if you have some different needs (eg luxury, ride comfort, quality) it’s a good idea to look around, then make your decision.

  6. I absolutely love my car. It is overall the most enjoyable car I have ever had. I have had no issues with it either and have not dealt with Tesla service, except to buy a 50A adapter. People who have their cars die at 85 miles likely have different feelings for the brand.

  7. Hi, not sure if this is a serious question but I’ve noticed hostility towards Tesla (probably because of Elon) is WAY more prevalent than any blind adulation. Seriously, spend some time around Tesla owners and most will complain about this or that issue with their cars. Few actual owners are under the illusion their car or the company is perfect. The hate Tesla gets from others, OTOH, is next level. I’ve owned at least a half dozen car brands in my life and I’ve never seen anything like the hostility that gets directed at Tesla from all corners.

  8. People who drive one and follow the company/tech understand it. People on the outside looking in don’t. And maybe there are a few vocal weirdos who think Elon can do no wrong. But if it seems to you that the majority of Tesla people lack objectivity, then they know something you don’t. Maybe listen to them?

  9. In my view it’s a cult. Like Apple or Toyota as if you say anything against them you’re an evil person.

    I would love to have a Tesla for the software updates, sentry mode and camping mode, dog mode.

    But I can’t afford one. And they are basically the same outside dull looking car. I have driven one model 3 for a week. And the fit and finish was very crappy. But that is why there are many companies making cars.

  10. It’s confirmation bias. They just spent $60k+ on an electric car. A huge purchase. So they need to justify their decision when things start to go wrong. They can look past a few paint bubbles and misaligned panels. That’s not gonna ruin their mood.

    What is going to shatter the illusion is waiting 3 months for a service appointment after their car locks up and shuts down completely

  11. Stock.

    The CEO has tied the brand, its products and fanbase to himself and its massively overinflated share price so tightly that any criticism at any of the above is akin to directly being a personal insult, and that brings out the worst of folks here especially if they’re financially impacted by share prices.

    I like many other car brands but never felt the need to go out of my way to defend them, but alas even when I did own say F shares I won’t excuse the company for crap products or poor service. This is far different for Tesla, which is why the term “cult” is more valid than ever.

  12. I am one of them.

    Tesla gets a lot of FUD piled on them. Few companies are as disruptive (SpaceX/Starlink are, for example), and change creates resistance, denial, anger, bargaining, depression. With the amount of disruption inflicted on the car industry you expect lots of that.

    Recent Tesla FUD includes “child mowing AI robots” by a competitor who runs for Senate to get cheaper advertising rates for his anti-Tesla ads, and junk grade credit rating for one of the most credit worthy companies according to their own rules by Moody and S&P.

    Most passionate people just discuss things that are not true and try to educate.

    Most get upset by the things that need improvement themselves.

  13. They are invested in tesla stock and believe Elon Musk is going to accomplish a long list of tech triumphs such as self driving cars, mars colonization, robots, etc. Also when you pay a high price for something you are often in denial when you’ve been ripped off.

  14. >It seems they defend any and everything related to the company more so than any other car company.

    Cause we’re so fed up with the FUD and misinformation that is being spread about the company (and its cars).

    Does this mean that everything about Tesla or Musk is – per definition – golden? No. If people report factual (the good and the bad) then there’s no problem. But as long as people are lying through their teeth about Tesla they will get pushback.

  15. You should ask your friends over at r/RealTesla in case you’re not getting the answers you were hoping for – although I do see a few familiar faces who decided to hop over to this post and contribute so maybe it’s a wash.

    To answer your question, went from MB CL600, E Class, and a Carrera 4S to a full garage of Teslas and see no reason to go back. Have you ever tried to get a squeaky inflatable bolster fixed in the driver’s seat of a CL600? $20k later and it’s still squeaky. And the number of random squeaks and rattles for a $180k car was wild. The CL500 which the CL600 replaced squeaked less but the in-car phone was unusable after two years since the wireless band was dropped and Mercedes had no plan to offer a hardware upgrade. Disappointing.

    Have yet to be disappointed by Tesla since 2013.

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