Why Toyota – the world’s largest automaker – isn’t all-in on electric vehicles

Why Toyota – the world’s largest automaker – isn’t all-in on electric vehicles


Why Toyota – the world’s largest automaker – isn’t all-in on electric vehicles

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30 thoughts on “Why Toyota – the world’s largest automaker – isn’t all-in on electric vehicles

  1. Tl;Dr; Because they are:

    1. Largest auto-maker. Easy to electrify your brand when you produce 100 000 cars per year, harder when you produce 10 000 000
    2. They are betting on Americans sticking with gasoline cars in near future.
    3. Gas cars are cheaper to produce and Toyota is mass-market brand – there’s a reason why most brands that turn electric are luxury brands (Audi, Porshe, Polestar)

  2. They are having hard time producing Rav4 primes in volume with just 15kWh battery, let alone EVs with batteries 4-5x capacity. In another sense, their slow transition is the best thing for our environment in the short term. They have done the best in improving MPG in most of their mass market vehicles with hybrids. That alone would have helped the environment more than all EVs put together so far (just my assumption. Prove me wrong with data if you have). In a way, the most efficient use of batteries is done by them since they put ~2kWh into 40 vehicles instead of a single EV, making an impact in a larger scale.

    Now, in order for EV transition to be in full scale, the vehicles must be mass market at the right price. Eg: Equinox EV just announced. Toyota doesn’t have to make a $60k EV. They should be producing $30k EVs. I suppose, that’s still years away. I hope that they are doing some work towards that.

  3. The current valuation is around 1/4 of Tesla’s. They missed the boat. They have a mountain of debt paying off plants making obsolete vehicle’s. Remember BlackBerry, Nokia, Kodak, Sears, Pullman? Pullman was once the most valuable car company in the world. They made rail cars.

  4. I believe the execs at Toyota are just petrol heads who feel like EV’s take the soul out of driving. In short, they’re fossils who are willing to die on that hill (and take Japan’s market share with them)

  5. EVs are only really attractive to people who are willing to make compromises and people who like being early adopters of new tech. They aren’t ready for mass adoption. If you live in a rural area, if you live in an apartment, if you don’t want to spend an entire year’s income on a car, if you want a car that goes 500 miles on a fill up and costs $22k then EVs just aren’t going to do it for you. Toyota is probably smart to wait until the technology and infrastructure improves. When there are fast chargers everywhere and you can buy an EV that has 500 miles of range, charges in 10 minutes, and costs under $30k, then they’ll probably go all in.

  6. I mean there’s no need to panic, the transition for the infrastructure is gonna take a few decades. People will still continue to buy ICE vehicles until the right time. Early EV adopters face the reality of EV’s in ten years having better battery’s, more range and better quality.

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