Wich one should I buy?

Wich one should I buy?


Wich one should I buy?

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37 thoughts on “Wich one should I buy?

  1. Baker Electric. It’s not mentioned here because of all the FUD from the Legacy Carriage, but it’s the most minimalist and futuristic of all the electrified carriages – even my wife could probably drive it if I let her, and the other carriages are hard for her to get into and out of without her ankles being shown to the local men.

    I also don’t like that the boys who refill the other carriages at the town charging station use long charging cables – I saw a picture of one and it almost scratched the wood trim!

    The Waverly will never take off, because it’s made by a bicycle company – making an electric carriage is completely different to making bicycles, therefore it’s impossible for them to make an electric carriage.

    Baker Electric is definitely the future, I expect they’ll be making 20 million a year within the next decade and Legacy Carriage will be dead.

  2. Detroit electric… Studebaker switched to ice pretty quickly, sears was usually the bear minimum, I’ve never heard of Waverley or Columbus, which based on my need level on this kind of stuff, means something

  3. 2 or 3, the others won’t be good when it rains.

    But for real, I’d love a modern replica of something like this. Give it some regenerative breaking and lithium ion batteries. Maybe slightly faster than the originals (so I can sort of keep up with traffic on surface streets) and give it a modern charge port, J1772, so I can plug into modern level 2 charging stations…would love it.

  4. 1 is just cool. 2 and 3 seem more practical. 4 is nice not to need a professional choufer. 5 the problem is that petro states New Jersey and Pennsylvania will soon run out and the refineries in New York will run dry.

  5. Looked into baker electric, love it! Jay Leno mentions 2000+ dollars for his car. That would get you a nice house. Price difference between gas and electric was very much an issue even 100 plus years ago.

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