Earlier today, Motor Authority reported that they had an inside source claiming that Dodge will discontinue HEMI engines by 2019. That doesn’t just mean the HEMI Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged V8, but ALL HEMI V8 engines. Obviously, people were shocked by the news. Dodge has been in the HEMI business since the dawn of time!

Obviously, fuel economy and emissions are a concern, and the story states that turbocharged V6 engines will be the replacement for the V8s. Ford has gone turbo in a lot of their cars, and General Motors is slowly going that way (but they still offer quite a few V8 engine options). Is Dodge going to follow suit to meet CAFE and emissions targets?

Instead of speculating on if they well or not, we thought we’d pose the question to you readers. Do you think Dodge will discontinue the HEMI V8 engine? Let us know by responding to our poll below.

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